As the title of the programme shows, there is a lot of music by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) in this concert. The duo plays with contrasts, in both time and space. Powerful dramatic harmonies from the church organ stands against spread, intimate melodies for solo violin.





- Systerpolska från Ore after Timas Hans

- Fantasia, g-moll (BWV 542) by J.S. Bach

- From Sonata, g minor for solo violin (BWV 1001) by J.S. Bach : Adagio

- Litet eko kring g-moll by Nils Tykesson, from ”Ekon från Bach”

- Violin concerto, E minor (BWV 1042:  Allegro- Adagio- Allegro assai

- Preludium &  fuga, d minor (BWV 539)

 - Ekon från fugor by Nils Tykesson for violin and organ

 - From Sonata, g minor, for solo violin (BWV 1001): Presto

- Fuga, g minor (BWV 542) by J.S. Bach
- Polska after J.C. Blomgren

 - Näktergalspolska after J.C. Blomgren